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  17 Feb 2014

Cheap Italy Holidays: Italy has become the ultimate holiday destination of the modern age. Many frequent in there repeatedly to savor the various flavors of the land that include beaches, art houses and food. One should know much about the country before embarking on a journey to the country. And this article tries to bridge the fears that are inherent in any new visitor, who is going to visit the country for the first time.


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Vistas de la ciudad de Florencia, Italia


The country had been known for its historical and cultural activities. And many of them can still be found intact, for the authorities have taken great care to maintain the sanctity of the land in every method possible to them. The country even boasts of 41 world heritage sites that are protected by the UNESCO. Art, opera and architecture were the fields the patrons were famous for. The country also features regional influences that have been running strong for sometime. The unification of all the Italian states into one nation was done by the end of the 19th century only, which is quite recent. This lead to diversification of the land and each region still has its own customs, food and heritage that have to be taken into consideration while traversing them. Many may not even know that the Italians first adopted Euro currency.
colors of Italy series - Procida island  Portofino village on Ligurian coast, Italy Pisa Tower and Cupidos
Regional and public holidays are to be taken into consideration while touring the country. No tourists like to be caught in the middle of a national holiday and spend his well-earned money staring at the empty roads and shops. Timetables are available for each and everything in Italy. This includes bus timings, railways, museums and even galleries. Such timetables are usually available for free of cost from the regional tourism office. Sometimes the tour operators themselves provide these pamphlets. Italians are also known to be fashionable people and the shops always stock with the latest from the stables of Gucci and Prada. The clothes are available at throwaway prices, the only difficulty being where to search for suitable materials. People who love bargaining are going to have an easy time in the country as shopkeepers easily give into bargaining. The other things the country is known for is its food and drinks. Pizza the favorite dish of many was first kneaded in the region. White and red wines are also found in abundance in the land. Olive oil, which is extra virgin, is also worth taking back home.