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Co – operative sure sounds like a government organization, No?    Well be informed that   Co- operative is the big daddy of travels and tours business. It’s part of the Co –operative group, who have their business horizons expanded in almost every field, which include food, pharmaceutical, Electricals, Legal, Funeral care (!), Bank, Estates, Farms, Energy to name a few. They operate 4800 retail outlets, with around 95,000 employees and have an annual turnover of 13 billion. Now to the travels business. Their website title says, “Cheap holidays, Last minute deals”. That sounds pretty rewarding for the customers, right? So we dig in.


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The Website design is pretty fuss free and something that is nice to be seen. The layout is pretty much the same, including the holiday search tool, featured deals, popular destinations', ext...

We didn’t expect pretty much. So we move on the see what Co- operative has to offer. So we hunt the cheapest deal first. Let’s see. Berlin! It’s 95 per person that is the starting prices. So you get accommodation for one person at a 3 star hotel, Food and drinks on the house! Not bad at all. They do have a separate tool on the same page, that lets you add accommodation for one more person, add the flight fares. So when we added the second person, along with the roundtrip flight (from London) charges. It added up to like... 184. Not that cheap, but definitely worth the money, we must say.

They also offer to get you cars on rent, in case you decide to roam around the city for yourself, it’s fun actually. They also show the options like the VW Polo, Peugeot 107 etc.  We avoid it here and move forward to the late deals section of the website. They have Algarve starting from 99 per person, Fuerteventura from 176 per person and Lanzarote from 206 per person. The latest departure we get, from Liverpool, is January 09. So this is a bit disappointing. But the Locations listed were definitely bang for the buck. Co operative travel doesn’t seem to making much of a profit from the travels business, as we found the prices to be much more competitive from the other websites. But what seems to make the company might be all about customer satisfaction. So if you want to plan your holiday with a reliable carrier, Co- operative’s my pick.


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